Terminal problems running under Linux 1.1.23

Terminal problems running under Linux 1.1.23

Post by Andreas D. Preiss » Tue, 16 Aug 1994 07:32:45


i've got two terminals running under Linux 1.1.23 ( sorry , but i'm not sure
which version my getty happens to be ).

From time to time the shell (or the currently running program ) dies and getty
writes out a login. I haven't been able to reproduce the problem as
it occurs only randomly. I am using a full null - modem cable as has been
recomended in a digital manual.

Although i'm having some problems in getting the correct termcap entrys, i
need an entry for a DEC VT-220 in 132 col. mode. I've made one up myself
but i can't start nn with it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Hello all,

I just updated from 0.99.15 to 1.1.23. After this update I have problems
to access the floppy disks. With a mdir a: the systems slows down. The disk
is accessed permanently without any error message. A new login at another
console takes up to a minute. Not even a shutdown is successful. The following
messages appear permanently:
   floppy: FIFO enabled
   Reset-floppy called
   Unable to send byte to FDC

Can anybody help me?


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