Mitsumi cdrom/slackware prob.

Mitsumi cdrom/slackware prob.

Post by roo » Thu, 10 Nov 1994 05:39:02

Hello, I am having great difficulty with slackware and my mitsumi cdrom.

I run a 386DX/16 with Slackware Linux 1.1.54. 5 megs of ram, and a mitsumi
cdrom of course.
My system runs fine, but slow, except that I cannot get my cdrom drive to mount.
I had previously purchased the yggdrasil fall '94 release of linux and installed
it by some miracle and it worked. Only problem was, I hated being tied to the
cdrom. Besides, I thought the slackware package was better. So I went ahead and
installed the slackware distrubution which I had ftp'ed from
Yggdrasil worked just fine with my cdrom, slackware doesn't.
I have concluded that it is not the irq setting because I have tried putting in
another similar mitsumi drive that had a jumper for irq10 on it's proprietary
interface card.  (my other one didn't have one for 10, I had it on irq5)
Whenever I try to mount it I get this error, no matter what params I give mount.

mount: wrong fs type, /dev/cdrom already mounted, /cdrom busy, or other error

I am pretty sure it's 'other error'.

when it trys to mount it on startup in the /etc/fstab with this line:

/dev/mcd         /cdrom   iso9660     ro

I get this:

ll_rw_block: Trying to read nonexistant block device 1700 (32)
isofs_read_super: bread failed, dev 0x1700 iso_blknum 16
mount: wrong fs type, /dev/cdrom already mounted, /cdrom busy, or other error

I am forced to conclude that recompiling the kernel to look for irq5 on the
mitsumi would be pointless because even when I put in a cdrom that is set
for what the kernel is looking for. It doesn't work..

Can anyone help? This is very confusing and frustrating. :)


1. FX400 Quad Speed (Mitsumi) CDROM probs (Why does this happen....)

Ok folks here's the deal...

I've seen a lot of posts about people who have the Mitsuim AT-API quadspeed
cdrom drive that isn't being recognized by Linux.  

My setup is as follows:  
  PCI EIDE controller:
       Primary Controller   - 1Gig HD (DOS et al.)
       Secondary Controller - 212M HD (Linux oh yes)
                            - FX400 Quad Speed

I do not use LILO.  I boot linux from diskette.  (Kernel 1.2.1 w/ ATAPI
Here's the deal.  If I boot up Linux after the machine has been off the
CDROM drive is NOT found by the kernel at boot up.  This is what most people
are describing is happening to them.  Ok. Here's what I do.

 1) exit Linux.  Reboot the machine.
 2) Boot DOS. (It loads the MSCDEX and other ATAPI drivers.)
 3) The cdrrom drive is recognized by DOS... all is hunky-dory.
 4) Re-boot.  This time putting Linux bootdisk in the A drive.
 5) Linux boots....  The CD IS found and all is hunky-dory once more.

Here are my questions...

 1) What the hell is going on here?
 2) How do I get Linux to ALWAYS recognize the CDROM at bootup time?
 3) Why does my work-around work? Does MSCDEX do something funky with
    the CDROM that allows Linux to later see it?
 4) Has anyone actually got the quad drive to work off of the SB16 card
    controller, while having two harddrives on the main controller?
    On the soundblaster card I guess you would have to switch the jumpers
    to be 3rd IDE controller since the motherboard already has 2 on it, is
    that correct???  

Someone show me the way...

           Bell Northern Research, Richardson, Texas, U.S.A.          
        The galaxy has been conquered by Malice and the Romulans!!!!!

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