X11R6 gives me green color

X11R6 gives me green color

Post by Quang N » Mon, 21 Nov 1994 16:19:21

I just install slackware X11R6 (XFree86 3.x).  X finally comes up, but
everything is GREEN, almost unreadable.  When I exit X
(Alt-Ctrl-Backspace or from the menu) I get back to the shell
(text mode) the font is now green and ugly.  What's up?

Btw, I have a Diamond Stealth Pro 2 meg card.  XFree86 3.x should work
with diamond cards now.

Part of my XF86Config looks like this:

# Since I use ClockChip I have to comment this out
# Clocks 28.2 40.0 65 70 75 80

# Not sure if this is the right clockchip that my card has..but how can I
# find out???
ClockChip "icd2061a"

# Not sure if I need the following line..but it doesn't do anything
Option "nolinear"

Hope someone can point this out.


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