Stealth 32 and X?

Stealth 32 and X?

Post by THOMAS L DRABENSTO » Sat, 29 Jan 1994 01:41:37

Netters --

I am an unfortunate owner of a Stealth 32 card bases on the ET4000
chipset.  I've read modeDB.txt, numerous FAQs, everything I wanted to
know about video (and more), yet still cannot find out what my
clocks are.  

Does anybody have one of these beasties working with XFree2.0?
Please email, and if I can get it going, I'll submit
an append for modeDB.txt.

                                 Much Thanks,

                                            -- Tom Drabenstott

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1. Stealth 32, Orchid Soundwave 32 and Sony CDU33a

I have a couple of problems I need help with:

1) I have an Orchid Soundwave 32 sound card.  To that I have attached a Sony
CDU-33a.  My problems with this are the following:

    a)  I have to boot DOS first to get the sound card to work (and load the
midgen.ld or mt32.ld).  
    b)  I also have to boot under DOS first to get the address configured for
the CDU-33a from the soundcard.

Has anyone written a patch for the CD-ROM problem and does anyone have a
loader for the Soundwave 32?

2)  X-Windows configuration:

    a) No matter what I do, I can't get the video configured right.  I have a
Diamond Stealth 32 ET4000/W32p card and an NEC 3FGe Monitor.
        I am aware that X-Windows doesn't support most Diamond products, but I
don't see why it still won't work using the W32 driver.  I have even tried the
SVGA server, but with the same results.  The biggest headache I have is
setting the dot clocks.  I get a message about not being able to set mode
because there are no defined clocks for it.  I have tried the XFree Config
included and its a no go.  I looked through every doc I have and come up bust.
 Can somebody please save my sanity!  I am trying to get i
t to work in 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, in 8bit, 16, and 32, if possible.  
Any clues would be greatly appreciated.

I am running Linux 1.1.59 currently (Slackware) but I also have version 1.2.3
floating around somewhere.
My machine is a 486DX2/66(Intel) 8meg, Diamond Stealth 32 ET4000w32p (2Meg
board, DRAM) Sony CDU33a attached to the Soundwave 32, Conner tape backup
(250M), and it is slighty modified to run at 80 Meg.  2 Western Digital Hard
drives (540 and 210 Meg), Linux on the second (210).

Pleze help!!!!!!

webpage http//

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