Linux on ethernet via isdn - anyone got it going?

Linux on ethernet via isdn - anyone got it going?

Post by Ken Manheime » Sat, 17 Dec 1994 06:53:48

>    I'm interested in getting ISDN with my linux 486 machine. Would
>    you let me know the hardware/software you are using?

I am not very well acquainted with PC's, and actually find the hardware
stuff to be difficult and confusing.  (I deal much more regularly with sun
desktop and rack-mount systems.) Linux, with things like SuperProbe, was
helpful, however, here is what i've gleaned about the system i'm using:

. + PC/AT 486-33 DX
.  - Math coprocessor: internal
.  - Memory: 16MB total
.   : Conventional: 601,792 bytes
.   : Xtended: 15,360MB
.   : DMA: Yes
.   : Bus Type: ISA/AT/ClassicBus
.  - Disk: CMOS type 47, 488MB (500 MB under linux)
.   : 994 Cyl, 16 hds, 512 b/sect, 63 sect/track
.  - 1.44 (3.5") floppy is a:
.  - Video: Super-VGA, S3 86C924 (Diamond Stealth S3), 1MB cache
.   : RAMDAC: Sierra SC1148{2,3,4} 15-bit, or {5,7,9}: 15/16 bit Hi Color
.  - Monitor: Nec MultiSync 3D, nbs# 545087

The ISDN bridge is a CombiNet EveryWare box, connected to the PC via an
RJ-45 cable, with a 3Com 3c509 ethernet card in the PC.  (The host
address, netmask, and so forth, are dictated by the site to which you're

The setup is working very nicely, once i got the PC and the bridge
properly reconfigured.



1. Linux on ethernet via isdn - anyone got it going?

I'm in the fortunate position of being in a network support group
that's doing use-trials of isdn.  I'm also in the fortunate position
of getting into linux, which i'm enjoying.  Unfortunately, however,
i'm having some difficulty combining the two.

I've got a 486-33 pc hooked up, via a 3-com 3c509 card and rj45
connector, to a Combinet "Everyware" isdn bridge, and it isn't
working.  I can get the bridge to show a momentary flicker of the
lan/rxd led when i try to, eg, telnet to something across the net, but
the lan/txd led never lights, and the connection on the first channel
is never raised.

I had the linux pc working when it was connected to an rj45 fan-out
network, directly on my organizations backbone.  Conversely, i had the
bridge working with a notebook, running a commercial tcp/ip package

I initially had problems even getting to the bridge from the pc - i
had tried changing the identity of my linux host (from the identity is
was using when it was directly connected to the network) revising
various of the host-identity files (/etc/HOSTNAME, /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1,
and so on) by hand.  I got a lot further by rerunning netconfig, but
still no connection raised.

I have to bring back the notebook, to retest the connection, but
considering that i did get the notebook going with the same host
address, netmask (a weird one), gateway, and so forth, i'm inclined to
think at this point that there's some mechanistic problem with the
initial latency that the isdn bridge imposes on raising the network
connection, but i really don't know anything for sure here.

Has anyone out there had any experiences with this kind of thing?
Suggestions?  Thanks in advance for any info...

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