Linux and the IBM Aptiva?

Linux and the IBM Aptiva?

Post by Itai Nahsh » Tue, 15 Nov 1994 05:46:35

I want to buy a PC and I would like to run Linux on it.
Currently the IBM Aptiva is the prefered platform. I would
like to know if anyone has tried to install and run Linux on any
of the Aptiva models.
Any problems with installation/booting/running? How these problems
were corrected? Which machine model was used? Which version of
Comparing the Linux and X11 requirements with the hardware details,
I believe it should be possibble but I would like to learn from
others' experience.

Thank you very much,

Itai nahshon
Haifa, Israel


1. Linux on an IBM Aptiva?

I'm considering buying an Aptiva, one of the new S series (yes it is the
look _and_ the feel of the keyboard that got me).  But I would primarily
be running Linux on it.  I was wondering whether anyone here has had any
experience with Linux on an Aptiva.  To be quite frank, I probably won't
be doing any serious computing, but I'd like a workstation setup andd
I'm more comfortable in an Unix environment.  I'd probably be opting for
either a S76 or an S78.  They have a 200 Mhz Pentium (not MMX though).  

So, just wondering, anyone have comments, suggestions, warnings?

(Yes, I agree an Alpha is ideal, but I really don't have 10K).


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