Logitec bus Mouse Man Woes

Logitec bus Mouse Man Woes

Post by Scott S Stre » Tue, 05 Jul 1994 01:22:02

I'm having trouble getting my Logitec Bus MouseMan to get recognized under
Linux 1.0.8.  I have had limited success with getting it to do anything.
upon kernel startup it shows as being installed as a Logitec Bus on IRQ 5.
Which is correct.  However, selection doesn't work, and 'cat /dev/mouse' says
device or resource is busy.

Also, My sound blaster pro doesn't get much better.  It too is busy.???

System;     486DX-40  [amd processor]
              vesa Local bus S3/805 with AT&T 24 Bit DAC.
              Logitec BusMan on IRQ 5
               Adaptec 1542B v3  with two HDD and one Cdrom [works great]
               16megs memory.

         As a side note: All the devices work fine under DOS and OS/2 2.1

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