UnixPowerTools going OK in Linux

UnixPowerTools going OK in Linux

Post by Jonathan Kitch » Sun, 07 Nov 1993 11:55:16

I have got UPT going OK in Linux thanks to the net.
If there are any others out there using or trying to use UPT
in Linux I can post the shar file I received from London.
Also the 'pwd' needs tweaking as it appears to be a shell command.


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I have a problem with my Internet connection via a cable modem
I want to use Linux on the pc that I connect to the cable modem.

When I get an IP address via DHCP, I get an incorrect broadcast
address ( So something is going wrong between my DHCP
client and the DHCP server of my ISP.
I now have installed Windows on the same PC (dual installation) and
under Windows it works well!
I use Redhat 7.2. Does anyone know anything about these kind of

Gr. Rienk.

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