using secondary port for ide controller

using secondary port for ide controller

Post by goodyear jo » Fri, 09 Dec 1994 13:07:40

I have a 386/sx that I'm setting up as a secondary machine.  Its bios is a bit
old and it doesn't have settings for nor will it allow me to set up the
geometry for a Segate st1144a 128 meg IDE drive.  To comlicate things, the
motherboard has a built in IDE controller.

I have a ADP-60 IDE controller that I used to use on a 286.  It can update
the machine's bios and tell it the proper geometry for the drive. It also can
be run as a secondary controller card in the machine to coexist with another
adapter.  I can get the 386 to boot under if I disable the built in IDE
controller and set the ADP60 to run at the secondary port address of 170-177
instead of the primary of 1F0-AF7.

This seems to work under DOS, but when I boot Linux from the installation,
disks and run fdisk, it says it is unable to read /dev/hda.

Can Linux be told to talk to the IDE controller at a different address??

Also, the ADP60 allows you to set the ROM bios location to either C88 or
A00, and to tell it that a larger size ROM is being decoded; C8000 or
CA000 (according to the card's docs)

Any help is greatly appreciated, it is frustrating to be stopped by something
like this.

John Goodyear


1. IDE drive on controller secondary port

Well I have search the FAQs and HOWTOs and have not found an answer to this

How do you get linux to recognize a hard drive hooked to the secondary
port of your IDE controller?

I currently am running Slackware 1.2.0 and have two drives set up as
master and slave on the primary port.  I have been led to believe that
I can get slightly better performance by hooking the second drive up
to the secondary port.  If this is a bad assumption let me know. I need to
do this eventually as I want to hook up a third drive (an old 40MB beast that
will serve as a swap partition).  I have hooked the second drive up and
jumpered both drives as single drives on a port.  I rebooted and the
second drive did not show up at all.  I made sure that the devices
for hdc were created just in case.  I am sure that there is some kernel
configuration magic that needs done, I just haven't found it yet. I know
the cable and port are good because Messy-DOS recognizes the drive (when the
appropriate driver is installed).

If anyone knows the answer to this please let me know.
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