Plato P90 & NCR 810 & 31200N & Nec 2xi

Plato P90 & NCR 810 & 31200N & Nec 2xi

Post by Thomas Hub » Thu, 13 Oct 1994 05:15:10

Dear netters!

I have a Plato P90 board (BIOS 1.00.10.ax1) and the NCR 810 PCI slot
SCSI adapter. I can't install Slackware 2.0.0 (there  is
a boot disk file working on those NCR PCI cards named ncr) but my
drives (1GB Seagate 31200N and the NEC 2xi CDROM) are not recognized.
There was another bootdisk image (called zfs I think) whitch should
be the 1.1.19 kernel, this kernel sees the SCSI adapter, but stopps
with a kernel panic message.

I think a newer kernel like 1.1.51 could solve my problem, but all ftp
servers I found have only precompiled kernels <=1.1.19. I have the
sources for 1.1.51, but I have no access to a linux box to make
the kernel.
Could anybody send me a bootdisk (only the file of course), so I could
setup a basic linux system on my computer?!?! (uuencode would be ok!)

Thanks in advance!

Thomas Huber


1. yggdrasil plug&play && NEC 3xi && ultrastor

        Howdy Folks!

        I really like the idea of plug & play linux from my cdrom.  (At least until
I can budget a dedicated hard drive.)  However, I've had some rotten luck and from
the other posts, I see that I'm not alone.  Specifically, I'm having trouble convincing
the kernel to talk to the cdrom drive.  From the back jacket the of yggdrasil package,
any SCSI cdrom w/ any supported controller will work?  Apparently not so.

        As I understand it, the NEC 3Xi supports both SCSI-1 and SCSI-2 commands and
I've tried jumpering the drive for both.  Nope.  The controller is an ultrastor 14F
and I KNOW that this controller works 'cause I used the same board last year with a
WREN 4 SCSI hard drive. (linux ran fine w/ this board)  Just to be sure, though, I
tore apart my machine, reduced it to a minimal configuration, and hung the cdrom off
my Sound Blaster 16-bit SCSI-2 connector.  Both configurations work fine off of DOS
but generate error messages under linux.  In fact, the error messages seem to suggest
that the cdrom is viewed as an Sony IDE of some type.  ?

        To add insult to injury, I attempted to use those fancy DOS call-backs by
booting a vanilla dos then launching "runlinux.bat".  Nope.  I get roughly the same
error messages when the kernel attempts to talk to the cdrom.  (not quite the same
messages, but close)  Note that I'm using a vanilla DR-DOS v6.0 without emm386.
I'm about to give up but I'd certainly entertain suggestions at this point.

                                        Thanks ahead of time,

                                                Jens Farmer

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