HELP: Compaq Contura Video

HELP: Compaq Contura Video

Post by E. Kelly Bo » Tue, 27 Sep 1994 02:24:35

I am running a Compaq Contura 4/25cx.  (vga 640x480x16) Linux 1.1.45,
slackware distribution.  I am having several problems that I believe are
related to video.

1.      DOSEMU will run using the "video {vga chunks 1}" option in the
dosemu.conf file.  (actually, from 1 to 10000 will work but the higher
the number, the slower the response.)  All other options cause a
segmentation fault.
        All graphics options cause the screen to blank in all virtual
consoles and force a reboot to clear.
        I will provide the dosemu.conf if you need it.

2.      "sasteroids"*gave me a "cannot open /dev/mem." error when I
try to execute it.  I did a chmod 666 to /dev/mem and now I get a "cannot
access /dev/console." message.  Sasteroids worked at first.  I cannot
think of anything that I have done that might have effected this.

3.      I have been unable to get gs to work.  I have not spent much time
on this one, but from my experience with gs for dos, I was able to
display .ps files on the terminal by "gs <filename>"  I get a variety of
errors when I try to do this in Linux.  I can provide further info if

This is a slackware load that was d/l from sunsite.  The only major mods
that I have made are the installation of the 1.1.45 kernel (compiled from
source) and the installation of dosemu0.53 (compiled from source).

Please Help.  I have rtfm.  I am not necessarily asking for the answer,
but some guidance towards the answer would be very helpful.