Ping==nfs==good, telnet+others!=good

Ping==nfs==good, telnet+others!=good

Post by Anthony To » Thu, 17 Nov 1994 20:59:08


I have just installed some network cards and cabling into our house and am
having a little difficulty.

After installing the cards I booted the system and it reported the card
initializing properly. I then set up the host names and bits that needed
doing in /etc/hosts, exports and hosts.allow and now we can ping the other
machine and we cross mount user partitions without any difficulty.

The problem involves telnet, ftp, finger and associated packages.  When you
try to telnet it gets the IP address and waits until time out. For example

saunders# telnet spiders

and about 30 secs later

telnet: Connection timed out.

Ftp is very similar, and the ends are reversable (ie telnet from spiders to
saunders).  I have tried to telnet to myself (saunders to saunders) and that
works fine.  I tried to run inetd with the -d flag and that seems to be
working fine.

Does anyone have any help?



ps. Linux=1.1.54
    dist=Slackware 2.0.2

    network=NE1000 clones (they were free)

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