Modem Troubles

Modem Troubles

Post by Joe Lea » Wed, 20 Apr 1994 03:04:14

Anyone know why I get an error MCD failed (I believe this is a CD-ROM error)
when ttyS1 is enabled?  The error does not occur until I use the port.  Aliso,
all of the other terms slow down to a crawl.  Any theories?  Thanks

1. modem trouble: USR 56K V.90 voice fax modem


Recently I purchased a U.S. Robotics 56 K voice/faxmodem and after a
week of labor it still doesn't work under linux. So far I have read the
serial-howto and the ppp-howto and neither have helped me in my pursuit.
Since linux doesn't like plug and play ...I manually jumpered the card
for IRQ 3 and COM 2. I then linked /dev/ttyS1 to /dev/modem but it
doesn't seem to help --linux still doesn't recognize my modem. So far I
have tried dialing out with seyon (I have yet to try minicom). Thank you
for your time and please reply at your convenience.


P.S. If possible please reply to both the group and me. Thanks again.

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