miro16si-exiting X-trashed screen ?any idea?

miro16si-exiting X-trashed screen ?any idea?

Post by fausti » Thu, 16 Jun 1994 17:39:38


miro16si-exiting X-trashed screen ?any idea?

Post by fausti » Fri, 17 Jun 1994 04:22:02

Sorry guys,
I had a problem with my editor.

Now the problem...
I'm using a miro16si with X11 and the S3 Server.
When I exit X my screen isn't rebuilt properly.
Any Idea?
Thanks in advance from faustino.


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   Just installed RH 4.2 and XFree86 3.3.1, but having trouble getting
XF86Setup to properly return the video console mode on exit, everything
runs fine until I "save and exit" after running xvitune.  Console seems
to be responding OK, I just can't see what it's saying (thin horiz lines
which would seem to indicate a scan rate problem, swapped the monitor
and still no good).

   Hardware, if it matters, is a P60 and a Diamond Stealth 32 VLB,
which I am attempting to use to drive a plain VGA monitor, though I
have to use and SVGA monitor to see the initial setup screens.  Once
I've told it to usa a VGA, either monitor works for the remaining steps.

   I think I have the VGA16, SVGA, and W32 servers loaded, and XF86Setup
configures to use the SVGA.

   Any thoughts?
                                             Thanks in advance,

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