INFO: Slackware doesn't recognize linux native partition

INFO: Slackware doesn't recognize linux native partition

Post by Rick Farnba » Thu, 24 Mar 1994 00:14:22

Configuration: '386, 4mb memory, 340mb SCSI harddrive, ST-02 controller

 FAQ> Q: I set my partitions to "Linux native" but Slackware still won't detect
 FAQ>    them! What can I do?

 FAQ> A: This problem is rare and I still don't know what causes it...

My machine is so affected, and I think I know why, though I leave it to
someone else to come up with a better solution than is in the FAQ.  I
installed Slackware 1.2 over the weekend and had the above mentioned
problem.  I tracked it down to fdisk.  If I run `fdisk -l' I get a
floating point exception and no partition information.  The setup script
runs `fdisk -l' and then does an fgrep for `Linux Native', which it does
not get.

I tried twice to solve this problem.  What seemed the most obvious
solution was to feed the head, sector, and cylinder numbers reported by to the kernel via LILO:
   boot: ramdisk hd=11,58,1017
(I may have the ordering screwed up here, but that's 11 heads, 58
sectors, and 1017 cylinders).  This succeeded only in sending LILO into
a scrolling frenzy.

What finally did work was to replace fdisk with a shell script that
printed out the partition table one gets from fdisk after entering the
correct head, sector, and cylinder numbers.

This got me set up, but I would now like to use LILO instead of the boot
floppy.  Fortunately I tested LILO by installing to a floppy rather than
mucking with my hard disk.  UNfortunately I can get no further than "LI"
on startup.  From the LILO FAQ, this seems to indicate a problem with
the geometry I entered in my disktab file.  What the problem is I
haven't a clue.  I have checked and rechecked disktab and all of the
entries seem correct, the geometry information matched, and
the partition offsets match fdisk.  If anybody has any ideas, please let
me know.  I would particularly like to hear from others with ST-0x



1. Slackware 1.0.4 Setup ignores 'Linux native' partition

Help! I was told that the Slackware-Distribution is much easier and less
buggy than the SLS, but what is that:

The Slackware 1.0.4 setup tells me that it can't find any 'Linux native'
partitions, but there is one - Slackware just ignores it.

My system: 486DX/33/VLB with one IDE-HD (AT-Bus) and one SCSI-HD (ST-01)
Partition table:
sda: sda1                 (DOS partition)
hda: hda1 hda2 hda3       (DOS/Linux swap (82)/Linux native (83))

The /dev/hda3 was a 'Linux extfs' (83) as SLS-fdisk told me. Slackware's
fdisk calls it 'Linux native' (83), but doesn't recognize it in the setup.
(The 'Linux swap' (82) can be correctly used with 'swapon /dev/hda2')
I deleted the /dev/hda3 and added it newly with fdisk several times, but
it doesn't help.

After pressing 'CTRL-S' while the error message is printed (why can't there
be a video mode 80x50 choice at boot time like in SLS ?), I saw a message
that lists the SCSI disk parameters (heads etc.) - does the setup program
only looks at the SCSI disk to find its 'Linux native' partition???

Does anyone have suggestions about this strange behaviour? What must I do
to let the setup program recognize my 'Linux native' partition?

Any ideas/suggestions/help? Please answer via follow-up or email!

Thanks in advance

  // Holger Schemel

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