Can't get past "LI_" at installation

Can't get past "LI_" at installation

Post by MARKEDWA.. » Tue, 04 Jan 1994 07:30:19

I made my boot/root disks with rawrite2, copied disks a1-a3 and
ap1-ap4 to formatted disks. BUt I ma having problems at the start.

First, rawrite2 tells me something along the lines of "end of mark
(or something...) not found". The parens are mine. Then i get
LI and a blinking cursor. HELP!!!

I have no idea what is or might be going on, and would really like
to install the Salckware 1.1.1 on my ststem.

Mark Edwards

-* Proof of sanity forged upon request *-


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My machine: P166+mmx, 32mb ram, 4gb HD with Win95 and Win NT 4.0 and
redhat5.1 co-existed in different partitions.

I issued "sndconfig" within a xterm inside X Window, The program
detects the SB 16 pnp card sets it up with no error message, but when
it launch ModProbe to test out, it gets a message states: An error was
encountered running the ModProbe program."  I tried different IRQ
settings, all ends with the same message.

2nd, When I try to mount /dev/cdrom from File Systerm Manager, the
following error is returned:  Can't find /dev/hdb in /etc/mtab or

3nd, When my machine boots, it halts at "Sendmail" for about 3-5 mins
before it goes to next step.  Obviously there isn't any mail system on
the machine right now because it is a standalone.  How can take this
mail thing out and speed up booting?

last one, Is my Zoom 56k PCI FaxModem a Windmodem that Linux can't use
to connect me to my local isp?

Experts help me out please. thanks.

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