: can not reboot with NE2000 -- wrong initialize ?

: can not reboot with NE2000 -- wrong initialize ?

Post by Joerg Weu » Wed, 06 Oct 1993 21:05:32


now i bought an ne2000 ethernet card. If I wan't to reboot, the kernal
stops working at the point of the ne2000 detect/initialize ?
Is it a known bug / patch available ?

Thanks in advance


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: can not reboot with NE2000 -- wrong initialize ?

Post by Paul Gortmak » Thu, 07 Oct 1993 13:25:46

>now i bought an ne2000 ethernet card. If I wan't to reboot, the kernal
>stops working at the point of the ne2000 detect/initialize ?
>Is it a known bug / patch available ?

...from the Ethernet HOWTO, and a question that gets answered at least once
every two weeks.



6.02 Problem with NE2000 Clones -- Machine Hangs during Boot.

        Problem:  The machine hangs during boot right after the "8390..."  or
                  "WD...." message.  Removing the NE2000 fixes the problem.

        Solution: Change your NE2000 base address to 0x360 (or 0x340 for
                  pl12 or later kernels.)

        Reason:   Your NE2000 clone isn't a good enough clone.  An active
                  NE2000 is a bottomless pit that will trap any driver
                  autoprobing in its space.  The other ethercard drivers take
                  great pain to reset the NE2000 so that it's safe, but some
                  clones cannot be reset.  Clone chips to watch out for:
                  Winbond 83C901.  Changing the NE2000 to a less-popular
                  address will move it out of the way of other autoprobes,
                  allowing your machine to boot.  

        Problem:  The machine hangs during the SCSI probe at boot.

        Solution: It's the same problem as above, change the
                  ethercard's address.

        Problem:  The machine hangs during the soundcard probe at boot.

        Solution: No, that's really during the silent SCSI probe, and it's
                          the same problem as above.




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1. AHA-2940 and NE2000 does not seem to get initialized


I rad into a strange problem. After hesitating for quite
some time I figured it would be time to switch to a newer kernel and
the ELF system. I was using 1.2.1 with the AHA 2940 patch and an NE2000
card (I had to hardcode the base and IRQ for the card in Space.c)
everything worked great.
Now I have compiled 1.2.13 and (as things didn't work) I even tried
1.3.35. The problem is, that it either does not recognize the
ethernet card at all (it shows the HW address, but then tells that ISR
returns -16) so like in 1.2.1 I hardcoded the baseaddress and IRQ in Space.c
and now the card gets recognized. BUT nothing gets send over the network.
instead I get all sorts of timeout errors and "possible IRQ conflict" in
the debug logfile.
 Oddly enough, when I boot the old kernel, do something with the
network and then reboot to the new kernel everything works fine, when I
turn off the system and try to boot with the new kernel right away
the network does not work.
I have the PCI Adaptech, which is running on IRQ 11, I also have a
Soundblaster 16 (which I have not compiled into the kernel) (and the
card is software configured) and the NE2000 hardware configured to 0x280
and IRQ 10. No oter IRQ eating stuff.

What could this prolem be ? Could the Soundcard produce it ?
Why isn't it there in 1.2.1 (which I compiled with soundcard) ?
Anyone any ideas ???


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