Problems with booting after installing!

Problems with booting after installing!

Post by Jan Jirmas » Mon, 21 Nov 1994 09:06:08

  I've installed Linux on my hard disc, where partitions are:
     1. DOS partition >= 32M   ( cca 90M )
     2. Linux Swap 16M
     3. Linux Native  (cca 155M)

  My memory size is 16MB.

  After installation I added DOS partition and Linux partition to LILO.

  And then after installation when I boot again from Linux parition I
  always get message:
                          Uncompressing Linux... memory tight ---
                          crc error
                          -- System halted --
  What's the problem?
  I tried to test memory - it was ok, but error message was there again.
  Well, I've changed my memory. - error message again.
  I tried to install it on other machine with other memory, other disk,
  other motherboard - error message again.
  This error occurs on both versions of Linux I have. (And the second is
  the latest ...)

  Does anyone knows, where can be problem?
  I appreciate every answer.
                                                        Jan Jirmasek


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                  Jan Jirmasek
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1. Informix problems afters Y2K Solaris 2.5 patch

Since I did the Y2K patch for Solaris 2.5 on a Ultra Sparc 1 system,
Informix 7.22 refuses to startup properly.
Anyone experienced a simular problem? Any suggestions?
Attached some system information and the relevant part of the online.log

Has van der Krieken.

# uname -a
SunOS sungemms 5.5 Generic_103093-25 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-1
# su - informix
Sun Microsystems Inc.   SunOS 5.5       Generic November 1995
$ onstat -V
INFORMIX-OnLine Version 7.22.UC2   Software Serial Number AAA#J917741
$ cat online.log

Mon Dec 27 16:09:48 1999

16:09:48  Event alarms enabled.  ALARMPROG = '/informix/etc/'
16:09:48  DR: DRAUTO is 0 (Off)
16:09:49  INFORMIX-OnLine Initialized -- Shared Memory Initialized.
16:09:49  Physical Recovery Started.
16:09:49  Physical Recovery Complete: 0 Pages Restored.
16:09:49  Logical Recovery Started.
16:09:49  shmget: [ENOMEM][12]: key 52574804: out of shared memory, check
16:09:49  out of virtual shared memory

16:09:49  Assert Failed: Internal Error - Segmentation Violation

                Thread(13, bld_logrecs, d039530, 1)
16:09:49   Results: OnLine must abort
16:09:49   Action: Reinitialize shared memory
16:09:49   See Also: /var/tmp/af.d813d
16:09:49  rsinit.c, line 9932, thread 13, proc id 20737, Segmentation
16:09:49    PANIC: Attempting to bring system down

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