stairstep effect after SLIP

stairstep effect after SLIP

Post by BERR » Sun, 05 Feb 1995 14:34:07

After I have connected with SLIP, everything works fine in
applications.  But, when I return to the shell, I get a
           effect, where the screen seems to be receiving a line
feed but not a carriage return.
If I logout and log back on, the effect goes away.
Anyone know what to do?


1. Stairstep Effect

I am running Slakware 2.3 with a 483 33/dx and a LaserJet III printer.

I am having problems with the Stairstep effect.  I have read the
Printing-HOWTO, and have tried the two Shell Script input_filters, however,
neither seems to be working.  I get the daemon not running error,
even though the daemon is running, and the HOWTO says there must be an error
in the input filter.

I have the correct Control Codes in the Shell Scripts, but it does'nt work.

Are the scripts wrong?  What will work???




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