fdisk can't read /dev/hdb... help

fdisk can't read /dev/hdb... help

Post by Dave Hu » Fri, 24 Feb 1995 06:12:44

  Here's the deal--I'm trying to install Linux on a WD540.  I'm dedicating
the entire disk to the new operating system.  I have a copy of Walnut
Creek's Toolkit for Linux which includes the Slackware stuff.  I've used
fdisk for msdos to delete the primary dos partition and all others on this
particular drive.
  When I boot from the rawritten floppy--using the scsi boot disk--I have
to enter the aha152x=0x340,11,7,1 line in order to make it recognize my
cdrom.  Everything seems to go okay until the following message appears...

        hd.c:ST-506 interface disk with more than 16 heads probably due to
        non-standard sector translation.  Giving up.
        (disk1: cyl=524, sect=63, head=32)

        hd.c:ST-506 interface disk with more that 16 heads probably due to
        non-standard sector translation.  Giving up.
        (disk0: cyl=821, sect=63, head=32)

  Then it prompts me for the root disk--color144.  I put it in let it do
it's thing then I login as root and when I try to run fdisk /dev/hdb it
        unable to read /dev/hdb

this it also says for /dev/hda

  All of this is being installed on a 486DX2 80mhz with 12 megs of ram, a
WD850 and a WD540 and a Creative Labs SCSI CDROM--I've tried sbpcd with
the same results.
  Version information:

        Slackware Linux Install Disk v. 2.1.0
        Bootkernel disk v. 2.0.0
        Linux v. 1.0.9

  Someone out there must have an answer.  I've read all the appropriate
FAQs and called the people at Walnut Creek.

post a summary... I swear it.

  Help me!!
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1. fdisk can't read /dev/hdb

I have a problem

I am trying to install slackware 2.1 (1.1.59)

I have two hard drives

/dev/hda 540 meg for Win95/Development

/dev/hdb 240 meg for Linux/Wanking

when trying to partition hdb the os returns with

unable to read /dev/hdb

upon looking in the /dev directory I noticed something odd. All the hda
devices hda...hda1x were in yellow (I don't know what that means).
However, all the hdb devices hdb...hdb1x where grey, with the exception
of hdb6 which was in yellow. This hd was partitioned for Linux before I
toasted it to do a MSDOS backup, now I can't access the drive. It seems
that hdb6 was an old existing partition on this hd if I remember

Anyway, somebody help. I have tried removing all partitions using MSDOS
fdisk  but this has not helped. A friend suggested using mknod or makdev
to re-create the devices, but I don't know how to do this.

Thank you in advance.


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