who terminates telnet (linux)?

who terminates telnet (linux)?

Post by falke.. » Sun, 20 Mar 1994 01:11:38

when i connect via telnet to another host i found that i will dropped
out after ca. 1 hour. I read some weeks ago that the linux telnet
(given in the slackware 1.1.1 package) uses the an envrionment vriable and
manages the duration by itself.

the problem is that i can't remember the text and how to change the
time out for the telnet connection to void drop outs.

for hints i would be very glad



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RH 5.2. Ftp and telnet used to work just fine. Now telenet from NT, and
same linux host, both return 'connection terminated by foreign host'.
Can no longer connect using ftp from NT. Samba continues to work. Ping,
echo, chargen, and discard work ok.

Some time ago I tried to get the Exceed X client to work and I changed
access rights config files, etc. I never got Exceed to work from NT. The
problem is, I can't remember exactly which files I changed. From an
access rights point of view, what config files should I take a look at?
Any other suggestions? I have a strong networking background but I am
just getting started with linux and linux administration.


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