DB_File:: package bug(?), hash size troubles

DB_File:: package bug(?), hash size troubles

Post by Ken Cha » Thu, 25 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Ok, two things. First one I dont know what to do about and need a solution
or I'll have to move away entirely from DB_File::   :(

I thought DB_File had no limits on record or file sizes.

I'm using a $DB_BTREE file with defaults in place for that style of table.

One of my programs does a reverse hash on another table and writes it out to
a new BTREE file. Strange things began happening, so I started debugging by
dumping to stdout and found that appending data to a $hash{} tied to the
btree was suddenly not just not WORKING, but the $hash{} suddenly contained
NO DATA anymore.

I was doing this (for explanations of why I used this $kludge, read about
my 2nd prob below):

$kludge = $hash{$key} . $newdata;
$hash{$key} = $kludge;
print $hash{$key}, "\n";

This is inside a loop which assigns stuff to $newdata. The stuff printed out
gets longer and longer as it should, then suddenly NOTHING is printed.

Is there some limiting factor for hash entry sizes in perl5 I've not set or
something, or something specific to the package facility or DB_file in
particular? Is this a problem between passing large sized $hash{} entries
back and forth from DB_File::? Does't this mean DB_File:: is broken?

Well it would seem it does have a bug, or I'm not understanding how things
work with the package facility: this second problem I figured out how to work

I was appending data to some records, tied via a hash{} to a DB_File::
$DB_BTREE type file:

tie %kwbus, DB_File, "kwbus.db", O_RDWR|O_CREAT, 0640, $DB_BTREE;

  $kludge = $kwbus{"foo"} . $_ ;
  $kwbus{"foo"} = $kludge ;


This works, but is bogus like hoek in my mind: sometimes the $kwbus{} will
be up to 200k long, tho so far in testing, I've only had records up to 4k or
so. I dont want to be moving even 4k around back and forth many times between
variables, nevermind 200k, especially ones tied to a package. (Mebbe its time
to get into refs?).

Please reply by mail, I'll post a summary.



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