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Post by Steven All » Sun, 13 Nov 1994 05:06:30

To All....

        Well gang, Ive been trying to get this net stuff working
as well as the PCMCIA stuff with no luck.
        I really could use your help.

        The card services load without complaining at boot time
but I cant tell if they are actually working...The little light on
the 3com 3C589 PCMCIA card never comes on unless you pull it out
and reinsert it.

Also during boot the rc.inet1 file throws the following errors
for the ifconfig commands
        ifconfig eth0 ${IPADDR} netmask ${NETMASK}

        SIOSCIFADDR: No such device
        SIOSCINETMASK: No such device
        SIOSCADDRT: Network Unreachable

        What gives?

        Any pointer in the right direction will be greatly appreciated

`                               Cheers

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