Microsoft Mouse 2.0 and Xfree1.3

Microsoft Mouse 2.0 and Xfree1.3

Post by Edward Alan Adasi » Tue, 16 Nov 1993 11:45:30

        Has anyone else found XFree1.3 nearly impossible to configure with
the new Microsoft Bus Mouse?  A summary of what I've tried so far:
1.  Linking /dev/mouse to bmousems.  Result--nothing, it can't find the mouse
    to initialize it.  My Xconfig file had the line "Microsoft   "/dev/mouse"".
2.  Linking /dev/mouse to ps2aux.  Result--erratic movement around the borders,
    but no real control of the mouse.  Xconfig "Microsoft  "/dev/ps2aux"".
3.  Using an old MouseSystems serial mouse.  Result--I can move the mouse
    fine, but I get erratic response from the buttons.  Xconfig "MouseSystems
    "/dev/cua0"" Emulate 3 buttons was on.

        Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Even more
particulars:  My system - Gateway2K 433DX
              Linux ver - SLS 99p12
              Frustration level - high
              Desired mental state at this point - high

Thanks for any help,

Ed Adasiak


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