logitec busmouse help..

logitec busmouse help..

Post by Lalit Wanch » Mon, 21 Mar 1994 00:00:00

Hi have recently got hold of Slackwre 1.1.1 .99P14.

I have Orchid VA/VLB display adopter and NEC 4FGe monitor and logitec
bus mouse.

I have been trying to get X working. My X starts and a base window opens
with a little tile on left top corner and the mouse pointer is in X (cross)
shape. That's it. Everything gets hung and I have to powerdown the machine.

I really don't know any way to determine what the problem is.

I was told by my Slackware distributor, that people have experianced
problems with Logitec bus mouse.

Any hints to get it working before going for serial mouse.

Lalit (Ref Reddy)


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My logitec busmouse has stopped working upon installation of Alpha-PL12 of
7 Aug.  Major 10, minor 0, /dev/mouse is linked to /dev/bmouselogitec.

I can still boot PL11 and it works fine with my X server, but with PL12, it
gets sucked down to the lower right-hand corner of the screen and stays there.
At least some Button presses still work -- just motion is hosed.

I believe this was just answered recently, but the news has expired from
my machine.

The mouse is a Logitech MouseMan Bus M/N: M-PD13-9MD.

Email welcome.
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