ONE solution to a terminal on a serial port

ONE solution to a terminal on a serial port

Post by Christopher Prest » Fri, 06 May 1994 16:49:47

This is how I managed to get my terminal that is connected via
a serial port to work. It isn't an 'orthodox' method, but it works.

In /etc/inittab make sure all the lines that refer to the 'hard-wired'
terminals' such as
#c7:456:respawn:/etc/getty 9600 ttyS0

are, like the above, commented out.

Next, create a file with the following form:

# assuming bash or pdksh

while true
        agetty -L -i 9600 $1

#end file here.

Call this file something appropriate and chmod to say 700.
I call it 'term_run' and it resides in /root

Then, insert the following  into /etc/rc.local :
if [ -x /root/term_run ]
        /root/term_run ttyS0 &
# replace ttyS0 as appropriate

I have found that this works for me, and I hope that may help someone
else out there.. 8)

Good luck


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