Clocks for an Orchid Prodesigner 2s

Clocks for an Orchid Prodesigner 2s

Post by Aron Bon » Sun, 10 Oct 1993 19:47:33

Man...this has turned into an epic.  I got X-windows up and running
with Slackware 1.02 in like 20 minutes.  Then due to hard disk space,
I was forced to take it off...I just put Slackware 1.04 back on.

I can't get X to run in 1024x768 interlaced. The mode I was running
in in 1.02.  I know it was stupid of me not to back up my X
Xconfig and all, but I figured it would be just as easy this time.
Guess not.

Anyway, I need some clock timings for my Orchid Prodesigner 2s for
1024x768 interlaced.  I know my monitor timings are correct because
to definitely remember getting them from the "Official VESA list"

There are no listings for 1024x768 interlaced for the 2s in the
modedb.txt in /usr/X386/lib/X11/etc.  I tried all the non-interlaced
ones anyway as well as every one of the 1024x768 interlaced for every
ET4000 based card.  No success.

I'd just love for someone to point out that I've made some outrageously
stupid mistake and point out where I've gone afoul. So please, flame
me all hell for posting an X question when the "readme" says not to, but
please give me an answer to my problem.