Printing problems, only print blank pages with one line of text

Printing problems, only print blank pages with one line of text

Post by Greg Ada » Fri, 28 Oct 1994 17:34:41

I have a panasonic laserjet 4410 and I'm having problems printing to it from
linux.  I am new to linux and I have read the FAQ on printing.  I believe that
my printer is trying to print everything on the first line.  

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We have a LAN. Print server is a solaris based work station. We have sun
based workstations also. Our network printer is HP 6MP. We send 2-3
files or even sometimes one file for printing from different
workstations. As we wait for the print out, printer spits out blank
pages. Sometimes there is a line of garbage on a page but usually it
spits out blank pages. I turn the printer off/on. This solves the
problem for sometime. Then the same problem occures again. Why?. this is
making me crazy.


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