mouse -> /dev/mouse "device or resource busy"

mouse -> /dev/mouse "device or resource busy"

Post by Gregory Gauthi » Sat, 24 Sep 1994 02:10:54


>  until recently i had linux (kernel 1.0) working perfectly. I decided
>to upgrade the system to kernel 1.0.9 since this is what walnut creek
>offers on cd rom. i wiped out my old system (reformatted the hard
>drive) and proceeded to install the new version.

>  I got the new version installed and rebuilt the kernel customized to
>my hardware. this included changing the mouse irq, and cdrom base
>address, irq. I tried to run selection and this is when the trouble
>started. selection failed to load and the message "/dev/mouse device
>or resource busy " was displayed. after that i tried to run test-mouse
>and X and still got the same result.

>   On bootup linux tells me that my logitech mouse has been detected
>and installed. so i know that isn't the problem.

>   Does anyone know what this message means, besides the obvious? Does
>anyone know how to fix the problem? Does anyone know how to query
>/dev/mouse to see who or what is in control of it?

>any help would be appreciated.

        When you installed the newer Linux version you probably said yes
to the option which allows cutting and pasting with the mouse in virtual consoles.
The result of this is that the mouse gets assigned to the process running this
feature and ties up the mouse.  Look in your /etc/rc.d/rc.local file for a line
that look something like : 'selection -t ps2 &'
        Comment out this line and reboot your Linux system. That's all folks...

                                        --- Gregory Gauthier


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I have installed Slackware 2.3 [from ADRAS] on my
Micron Millenia Pentium 133Mhz.  I have a SONY 17sf1
monitor. I believe I have a Diamond Stealth 64 card!
When I reboot the system [MSDOS] I get the message "S64DMODE".
I configured the mouse to be a PS/2 mouse. I get the following

Fatal server error:
  Cannot open mouse (Device or resource busy)

xinit : No such file or directory (error 2) : unexpected 13

Any ideas how I can solve this problem? If possible,
please respond by email.



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