Slackware installer doesn't boot from floppy

Slackware installer doesn't boot from floppy

Post by Don R. Masz » Sat, 11 Jun 1994 04:08:32

On our 386SX system the Slackware installer does not load when the
machine is booted to floppy.  The BIOS loads, floppies are tested,
then the A: drive is hit (first sector is being read?) then silence.
No drive motion, nothing on the screen, the computer is dead.  The
"loading" message does not show nor do any of the plethora of hex
error messages that people are reporting.

System info: Mylex MXS386 motherboard with 386SX-16 + 387, 8 Mb memory
             running Phoenix 4.1.1 BIOS, IDE HD, hercules monochrome monitor

We have the slackware distribution of Linux v1.0 obtained from
sunsite.  Our kernel boot-strap disk is the scsi version with scsi
drivers linked in.  The exact kernel version is hard to find because
it is said to print on boot-up, but we have never seen it.

This same disk was used to install on both a 386DX monochrome system
with an IDE HD and a 486 system, and it still boots fine and the
installer will run on those systems.

A bootable kernel disk also will not boot and has exactly the same


Don Maszle, Marc Singer