XF86config 3.1 BUG + problems: 16 bpp and 32 bpp color mode for Kelvin 64 (clgd5434):HELP

XF86config 3.1 BUG + problems: 16 bpp and 32 bpp color mode for Kelvin 64 (clgd5434):HELP

Post by Johan Van den Wyngae » Fri, 03 Feb 1995 01:19:50

After trowing away Yggdrasil's fall '94 distribution, i've installed
slackware's 2.1 linux. This solved quite some problem's described already
under Yggdrasil fall '94 mails. I managed to get my Orchid Kelvin 2Mb, PCI
to work under Depth 8, but :
- moving windows creates dust/snow
- at startup (startx) my desktop is partially blue, rest is the standard grey
desktop ?? only after opening a window (wterm of Xfilemngr ..) + Refresh Sreen
i get a complete blue desktop
- exiting Xwindow once is ok, but if I exit it again , my text terminal is
messed up that badly that i can only reboot the system
- following instruction under usr/X11/lib/X11/doc in the README.cirrus doc
for running 16 or 32 bit color does or not work or again send my xterm into a
complete mess so i have to reboot.

Any hints ???
Maybe another bug:
- after restarting Xwindows again: the middle click pop-up window : no item
from that window can be selected because the whole window move down,
instead of only the cursor ?!?!! I can only select something by keep mouse
still, and using the arrows to move up/down in the pop-up !!!!

Anyone similar experience ? Solved or not. Anyone more succes in getting more
than 8-bit color ??? Yes ? How with the clgd5434.
ps where do you find PCIDUMP.exe so i can try to set a membase option-line.
my options specified in XConfig: option 2048, option "linear".

Any suggestions/help are welcomed to be mailed directly to me.
I will post any succesful hints back.

Johan Van den Wyngaert