Anyone managed to compile MySC ?

Anyone managed to compile MySC ?

Post by Sanjay Goy » Mon, 06 Jun 1994 15:09:18

I just downloaded a gnu version of SCCS ... called MySC ...
But I can't seem to make it compile under Slackware 1.2 Linux ... I do
have a gcc version 2.5.8 ...

Please help ... thanks in advance ... e-mail preferred.



1. Has anyone managed to compile xbiff++ for solaris

Hi Y'all,
        I have been trying (unsuccessfully) for a few days to compile
xbiff++ for solaris.  The furthest I've got is a version that beeps OK,
but doesn't allow you to assign sound samples to the new mail beeps,
Has anyone got a solaris binary already compiled, and if so, could I beg
and grovel for a copy of it.  
Otherwise - does anyone have any bright ideas about how I can get it
to work properly?


Allan R Timms
Interactive Systems Group               Phone: +44 1293 815244
Philips Research Laboratories           Fax:   +44 1293 815500
Redhill, Surrey, UK, RH1 5HA

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