XON/XOFF w/telnet

XON/XOFF w/telnet

Post by Douglas J. Wiegle » Tue, 09 Nov 1993 16:55:48

XON/XOFF flow control seems to be on for all remote logins...  anybody
know how to turn it off?  (please email replies)
(pl13, 3c503 net-2)



1. XON/XOFF Question

        We've got a dumb problem on our system.  We have a Risc System/6000
running AIX, and the modem lines are unusable for anything serious -- see,
whenever the system sends more than a screenful of data (like doing a
"ls /etc" or "info" or running IRC or anything), it comes out as garbage.
Even if you pg something, the last few lines at the bottom of the screen is
        We know its an XON/XOFF problem, but we can't seem to find a solution
for this problem.  It's very annoying, and IBM really isn't helping --
apparently, our rep is stumped, too.

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