EZ Questions

EZ Questions

Post by Michael Garv » Thu, 15 Sep 1994 02:14:21

Hi, I have a couple of questions that I was hoping someone could help me with,
feel free to e-mail me directly!

[1] - Cutting and Pasting

     How do I get cutting and pasting to work in my xterms?  Is there maybe
a resource I'm missing somewhere?  OK, once I get it working in my xterms, how
I get it to work with the OpenWindows clipboard so I can cut and past between
all applications with the middle button, instead of that irratating pop-up
edit menu!

[2] - Whatis database

     I now have a whole bunch of extra tools and new man pages.  However I
update the 'Whatis' file as I went, the result being that using the -k option
with 'man' does very little.  My question is: Has anyone written a script to
automaticly rip through all man pages and collect the descriptions under 'NAME'
and place these in the 'Whatis' file?  I know I could do it by taking the time
to come up with a 'fun' awk script, but I thought maybe someone has already
gone through the effort.

Thanks for any help!


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1. Newbie: EZ question about dir structure

Hi everyone

I am a windows user, conforming to the penguin....  I have a question
about the dir structure.

I would like to know about /sbin /bin /usr/bin /usr/sbin /usr/local/bin
/usr/local/sbin etc etc

I think the user/bins will only show files(programs) for the user who
installed them?

What is the diff between /usr/local/bin and /usr/bin ?

Is bin plain ole binary and sbin is system binary?

I guess I just dont see why there are so man bins and sbins.

The thing that confuses me the most is that different proggies I install
from either RPM or GZ put themselves in any of the bin dirs ...

Like ill install an app and find it in /usr/local/bin then ill install
another adn find it in /usr/bin ?

I just would like some smart linux guru out there to explain the diff
between the bin dirs, and why different proggies show up in different
locations instead of all in one?

Guess that is it...  Except is the /opt dir for optional (additional)
programs?  I just want to understand the linux dir structure as I am a
neat freak, and Im sick of Windows.... hence I want to use Linux

Thanks All for your comments and remarks


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