Diamond Pro Card and NEC 5FGe

Diamond Pro Card and NEC 5FGe

Post by James Davlour » Wed, 17 Aug 1994 23:53:33

Hello everyone,
I am running Linux at home and I was wondering if any of you have a Diamond Pro
card (1 meg) and a NEC 5FGe monitor and running Xwindows

I fail to do so , If anyone knows what Xconfig I should use
I would realy apreciate the help





1. Xconfig for Diamond Viper PCI/NEC 5FGe

I have installed the slackware 2.1 version with all of the X packages.  I
have tried to configure a Xconfig file for my Diamond Viper PCI/NEC 5FEe
monitor combo.  On running ConfigXF86 I found that Diamond Viper PCI was not
on the list of video cards.

I have browsed the Linux sites for a pre-configured file for above combo but
have not found any.  Also, I cannot afford the time to experiment.

If anyone has a working Xconfig file for Diamond Viper PCI/NEC 5FE combination,
please send it to me via email.  I would sincerely appreciate it.


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