: file system error?

: file system error?

Post by Bill Swinya » Wed, 16 Feb 1994 21:36:50

I've been getting the following error when viewing jpeg files with spic, can anyoen point me to some doscs on how to fix it?

EXT2-fs error (device 3/2): ext2_new_block: Free blocks count corrupted for block group 18


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Hi, I have a Promise Ultra ATA 100 controller with Maxtor 40GB hard disk. I
have made 6 GB linux ext2 partition in extended partition and 256 MB linux
swap drive as well. When I try to install linux 7.0. After taking
information about the keyboard and other things it says cannot create files
sytem.........Do i need to install some kind of driver for ultra
ATA.......Can some body help me about this......where can i find this
driver.........thanx......in advance


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