Adaptec 152x controller hangs during disk reads?

Adaptec 152x controller hangs during disk reads?

Post by Randall Re » Wed, 20 Apr 1994 08:57:13

I'm tryng to get my aha1522 and Micropolis 1598-14 (1.2Gb SCSI)
to work with Slackware 1.1.2 (Kernel 1.0) with little luck.
I've seen similar posts here but didn't pay enough attention.
PC is a 386SX-25 ISA w/ 4Mb RAM.

Problem:  I have and ESDI controller and Adaptec aha1522
controllers.  The ESDI is 350Mb and has been working fine for
a couple of weeks.  I just added the Adaptec controller and
recompiled the kernel with aha152x.

I can write date to any on the sda1,2,3,etc (SCSI) partitions
but I can't read it reliably.  Reading any file over a few K causes
the aha5122 controller to lock up (the red light on the controller
stays on).  The CPU is locked.. can't change vitrual consoles
or ctl-alt-del.

I've removed all non-necessary boards from my PC  to see if it
was a conflict ... no luck.  The problem is solid and predictable.

Now this is strange!! If I run DOS I can read and write all over the
disk with no lockups whatsoever (I've even run disk diagnostics).
This seems to point out that it is a software problem in Linux
(I suspect in aha142x).

I know the drive is good because it just came out of a working
Unix box.

Any ideas would be welcome.  I am going to upgrade to an Apatec
1542CF soon and hope the problem will go away.  What could I be doing
wrong?  I didn't see any HD format program in Linux so I used MSDOS
to first format the entire disk.  I then used mkfs to divide it up
into several ext2fs partitions.  DId I forget something?



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