Today's "No CD-ROM" Question

Today's "No CD-ROM" Question

Post by Greg Philm » Tue, 17 May 1994 00:42:26

Okay, I've read HOWTOs and this group and still haven't found my answer.  I'm
sure I just missed it.  My drive is not found even during installation -
everyone else seems to be complaining about problems after installation.

I've got an HP 486/66 with an IDE hard drive and an NEC 3x SCSI cdrom drive.
The cdrom drive is connected to an NEC SCSI cdrom adaptor.

I can't seem to get Linux to find the drive.  I used a slackware CDROM
distribution and the scsi bootdisk image.  SETUP could not find the cdrom
drive ... I ended up booting to DOS, copying one or two of the disk sets
to my small MSDOS partition, booting Linux, installing the stuff from
the DOS partition, repeat.

My guess is that the NEC SCSI card is the problem.  When booting, something
about "0 SCSI hosts" scrolls by.

So, is the card the problem?  If not, what is?  If it is, is there something
I can do to enable support of this card?  If not, I suppose I'll purchase
another SCSI card.

Thanks in advance!


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Thank you in advance for all your help.


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