Need source to login that uses /etc/login.defs

Need source to login that uses /etc/login.defs

Post by JJWISE.. » Tue, 12 Oct 1993 11:08:52

        I know that the login that originally came with the SLS (approx.
1.0) distribution made use of a file /etc/login.defs to control many
aspects of its behavior.  Unfortuately, it wasn't setting supplemental
groups properly, so I switched to another (which isn't as configurable).  I've
been looking for the source to the original, and haven't found it in the
SysV init package, poe-igl, or getty_ps; can anyone point me to the
particular version of login that uses the login.defs file?


(email please)


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I'm wondering if there are any special procedures to getting /etc/limits
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in login.defs i just want to have 'FAIL_DELAY 1' and in limits i want it
to use 'restricted L1K077C0'
None of the changes seem to be taking effect.

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