Getting Netscape to display Japanese?

Getting Netscape to display Japanese?

Post by Geoff Garsid » Wed, 31 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Could anyone tell me how (or whether!) I can get Netscape 1.12 to display
Japanese?  I'm running 1.2.8 kernel; X seems to work just fine.  I'm
using both PC X-terminal emulation and "real" X-terminals (HDS FX
ViewStations) successfully.

  I've installed the optional HDS fonts, and
got the X-terminals to contact linux's xdm and xfs successfully (the
extra fonts are all there if I do an xlsfonts).  The extra fonts include
some members in "misc" with registries like "jis0208.1983" and
"jis0201.1976", both with encoding "0" (zero).

  The Netscape info. file
"app-defaults" goes thru' a bunch of stuff for the "ordinary" English
support stuff (almost all registry iso8859).  The file calls these
"latin1", but only has 4 hash-marks (#) to name(?) the Japanese character
sets "XCharsets.iso-2022-jp", XCharsets.x-sjis" and".
I tried guessing an arbitrary label for these sets (along the model of
latin1) and pointing all three at the Japanese HDS fonts mentioned
earlier. No soap!

Must I wait for a newer Netscape, or is there something else to do?
Any guidance most gratefully received!