NTFS support for linux?

NTFS support for linux?

Post by Andrew Veliat » Fri, 31 Jan 1997 04:00:00

> > [ There is no full-blown NTFS for Linux because Microsoft hasn't made
> >   the necessary infromation available. ]

> >   With this constraint, you can certainly see why a completely working
> >   NTFS is not easily available for Linux, FreeBSD, and the rest of
> >   the free Unices; it takes TIME to pick apart a live filesystem and
> >   figure out what the * is going on with it.

> Furthermore, you have no guarantee that they won't pull the rug out from
> under you by changing things from one release to the next.

For what it's worth, I've the NTFS from Martin von Loewis running on my
Linux box (2.0.28 module) reading NT 4's filesystem without any
problems; although it is currently read-only, I believe he is working on
read-write (the code makes it clear).



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I've just read an article in the Australian ComputerWorld
newspaper that mentions that the Windows NT New Technology File
System (NTFS) is now supported by Linux. Can anyone tell me if
this is indeed true ? (If so, I'd like to look at the source code
for supporting NTFS - can anyone please tell me where I could
find this ?)

Thanks for any and all help.

Dave Kelly

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