help with plip

help with plip

Post by chuck fletch » Sat, 22 Jan 1994 10:46:03

i remeber reading that somebody said that plip uses an autoirq to setup,
but my plip says its using irq 5 and i know that my cdrom uses my irq 5,
can i manually override the autoirq with on eof the files in
/src/linux/drivers/net? my cdrom works and plip does not.



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I am trying to connect to computer with PLIP

I did everything in the PLIP-min-HOWTO, works fine untill I try to ping.

The problem is that one computer -computer A- (a RedHat 6.0, kernel
2.2.16) apparently can talk to the other, but
not the converse.

For the "other" computer -computer B-, I tried:
- A desktop running kernel 2.2.16 from a floppy disk (redhat 6.0 rescue
- Same desktop runnig dos and the DOS plip driver (crynwr driver)
- A laptop running DOS and the same crynwr driver

In all case, doing a ping from computer B fails and a ping from computer
A, gives an error message on computer B.
The packets are passing through from A to B, but not from B to A.

I just bought the cable
Ports are irq 7, io_adress 0x378 on all machines

Can anybody provide some help?


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