commercial database

commercial database

Post by Budi Rahard » Mon, 11 Jul 1994 08:58:12

A while ago there was a posting of commercial database for Linux.
Could somebody forward the announcement to me ?

PS: is c.o.l.announce archived somewhere ?

-- budi

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commercial database

Post by Martin Schul » Sun, 17 Jul 1994 10:36:31

}A while ago there was a posting of commercial database for Linux.
}Could somebody forward the announcement to me ?
}PS: is c.o.l.announce archived somewhere ?

Sure, try to ask archie!



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1. Commercial Databases?

I don't know if this is the place to post this, but...

Does anyone know of any commercial databases available for Linux?  I am
looking for something like Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Ingres, Progess, ...

I already have Just Logic, but there are a few problems with it right now.
(Can't set a field to '', won't take '12' for an integer field, can't
change to date/time/timestamp format to match our class libraries)

I have to have nested select capability, a good C/C++ API, and prefer
something that will auto cast (e.g. If an integer field is set to '12', it
will do the right thing and not complain/error out), as well as a database
that will let me set the date/time/timestamp format.

We currently have a set of libraries that abstract the database into classes
so that applications can access Oracle, Watcom, and sort-of Just Logic
databases without knowing what O.S. or Database Engine is on the other end.
We would like to find a good Linux solution that will support the same
functions we use with Oracle and Watcom.

Thanx in advance for any advice,


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