HELP! Qlogic SCSI controller support

HELP! Qlogic SCSI controller support

Post by JamMarM » Sat, 21 Jan 1995 09:13:33

Can anyone tell me where I can find a Qlogic SCSI controller so that I can
create a bootdisk?   I have a SCSI II HD and 4Plex CDROM.  (I'm tired of
running Linux from floppy!! ;)   Thanks in advance...

James M. Miller

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1. QLogic SCSI Controller support


I am still failing miserably trying to install Red Hat 6.0 on an Alpha
433a system.  It seems that most of my problems have all been stemming
from disk failures.  I am now wondering if there is a problem with the
SCSI controller support.

NT has been installed and running fine on this system, so I don't suspect
there is really a physical hardware problem.

I am tring to install Linux on the second 4Gb disk in the system.
I am keeping NT installed on the first disk.  The second disk used
to be formatted as NTFS and was being used by the NT system.  I deleted
the NTFS partition with NT, and then formatted it within the Linux
setup to have a 128Mb swap and the rest a single ext32 partition.

The first time I tried to format a big ext32 partition on the second disk,
it hung and never completed the format.

The second time I tried to install, the installation completed, but then
the first time it booted it complained of damage to the disk, and insisted
that I log in as root and fun fsck.  However, it wouldn't recognize my
root password.

The third time I tried to install, I reformatted the partitions, but then
it hung halfway during the installation of packages.  It complained of
a hardware panic and system termination.

The system has a QLogic PCI SCSI Host Adapter.  I don't know the model
number.  It has BIOS ROM version 4.15 (according to the boot time

The disks in the system are (according to the NT control panel):


I was just looking at the Red Hat supported hardware list at their web-site.
It lists QLogic only at Tier 2 support ("Partially Supported").  It lists
the "Qlogic FASxxx, IQ-PCI(10/D)", which I am guessing is what I have.

Anyway, does anyone have any experience with this?

What is meant by tier 2 support.  I would think it would either work
or it wouldn't.


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