Serial comms broken in 1.1.13?

Serial comms broken in 1.1.13?

Post by Lou Sortm » Sun, 29 May 1994 09:18:19

I got 1.1.13 and the patches to 14 and 15 and compiled them today.
No problems with that.

However, when I try to log into my other box (I didn't change it)
via kermit, I get the login without carriage returns, and other
than the first [Enter], it doesn't seem to send anything to the other
end.  I can quit kermit and repeat this process indefinitely.

If I boot with my 1.1.12 kernel, it works fine without changing a

What is really odd, is that I am running the 1.1.15 kernel right
now, and I am typing this mail through another serial port with
no problem.  The only difference that I know of between the two
ports is that the one that doesn't work correctly in 1.1.15 is an
old 8250 and the one that works fine is a 16450 equivalent in VLSI
on my IDE card.

Does anyone know what changed between 1.1.12 and 1.1.15 that would
cause this.  Is there a fix (other than sticking with 1.1.12)?


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Help!  I just upgraded my 486dlc/20 from 1.0.0 to 1.1.13 (only because I
need RARP to boot my new sun).  I also installed net0.32d-net3 from
sunsite.  Now _NOTHING_ in my networking works.  ping localhost locks
up.  No errors are ever reported in any of the logging factors.  I also
noticed that telnetting in with WinQVT, the window will open (this
doesn't happen if my computer isn't on) but there is no other response
from mine.  It seems almost like the kernel is saying it is here, but no
user-level programs are communicating....

Any and all suggestions are welcomed
and will be forwarded to all ineterested parties..

Thanks much!
Randy Chapman

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