? setting node name for uname -n

? setting node name for uname -n

Post by Garry W. Forg » Sun, 24 Jul 1994 11:16:00

Im trying to get slip running with dip and when
i enter dip -t, I just get "(none): Host name lookup failure"

I think that gethostname in dip calls uname so this
is where it gets "none".  I have /etc/hosts entries.
How do I get uname to report the name of this machine.
Executing hostname xxxxx does not do it either.

Thanks for quick answer.


1. Setting node name

I have found out in the HOWTOs and other docs how to set the hostname
of the machine.  The hostname command works fine, and the HOSTNAME file
is OK.  I need to set the node name, ie what is returned with      
uname -n
currently it says (none) and so in our login with slackware 1.0 says
(none) login:

The getty man page says that putting the line

will return the current node name.  It doesn't seem to make any
difference.  Also have tried using the file /etc/default/getty but this
didn't work either.              

I bet this has a simple solution, but for the life of me I can't figure
it out.  Thanks for any assistance.
Tony Miller


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