3com Wireless PCMCIA network drivers.

3com Wireless PCMCIA network drivers.

Post by Rick Rodrigue » Fri, 21 Dec 2001 04:30:56

Hello All,

I am looking for a network driver for my 3com PCMCIA network card.
The Model number of the card is 3CRWE737A. If someone knows a way to
configure this card with a generic driver that would be great. Keep in mind
after configuring the card the zone needs to be set up in properties. I am
running RedHat 7.2.

Thank You!


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Anyone had any luck getting a 3com airconnect wireless pcmcia 802.11b nic
working on RedHat 7.3.  I did the whole spcecrum24t driver with the
pcmcia-cs modules but I am afriad that I am getting conflicks with the
build in kernel cs module.  Do I need to build a new kernel?  If so does
anyone have a link to a good Redhat kernel building tutorial? (Found a
few but if someone has a good recommendation)

Thanks for the input...


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