Diamond Stealth Vram S3-924 and mouse

Diamond Stealth Vram S3-924 and mouse

Post by Bernhard Fr » Tue, 15 Nov 1994 19:52:30

I am afraid my mouse behaves a little strange the last time.

I changed my graphic card from OTI 067 to a Diamond card. BTW, it was a
present. I wouldn't have bought it because I have heard from their difficulties
with Free Software.
I reinstalled XWindow with the XConfig-utility (Diamond-Stealth, generic
VESA monitor). I have a microsoft serial mouse. Now XWINDOW runs well,
but it needs some time for the mouse to behave as she should.  I have to click
at a point distant from the point I really want to click onto. After some
time, I can click on the true position. Strange, isn't it?
Does anybody know how to solve this problem?

BTW, I also installed a new serial card with an 16550AF-chip - I posted
this separately because it caused me some porblems as well- Are these
problems linked together?

Thanks in advance

Bernhard Frye
University Hospital
Dept. Internal Medicine
Muenster Germany