Motif on Linux: How to compile?

Motif on Linux: How to compile?

Post by Avron Bore » Tue, 05 Apr 1994 03:52:14

I just downloaded 27MB of Motif source code via my university's site
license, but have no idea how to compile for Linux. If anyone has any
idea (or even better, first-hand experience) about how to go about it, I
would really appreciate some advice.

My configuration: running Linux 1.0, XFree86-2.1, gcc 2.5.8, pretty much
the standard slackware setup (installed from slackware 1.1, I think, but
have manually updated most of the system).  486/66DX, 16MB RAM, 16MB swap,
about 25MB left on my Linux partition...


Avron Boretz
Cornell University (Anthropology/East Asia Program)
Cornell Chinese-Japanese-Korean Computing and Database Facility
265 McGraw Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853



1. Compiling Motif Prgms in Linux

Motif is _commercial_ software, so you have to buy it or forget it.

However, applications _statically_ linked with Motif libraries may be free software. So,
if you like the "look and feel" of Motif, you still can have some free applications.
(Mosaic is a good example).

There is a Motif clone under development by a group called "The Hungry Programmers" but
it is still in the early stages.


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