DOOM, X, Linux, 320x200 video mode ??

DOOM, X, Linux, 320x200 video mode ??

Post by Hans Peter Ver » Sun, 11 Sep 1994 01:02:22

Now that DOOM has been released for Linux w/X (Thanx, Dave!),
how about a nice video mode for it ?  David Taylor says:
"I understand there's now a 320x200 mode.  I'd recommend it."

Anybody knows how to set up such a mode? It's standard VGA, as far as
I know (which isn't very far...), but can it be run by any server ?
What about dotclocks, vertical timing, horisontal timing, etc ?
The regular files that came with Xfree86 didn't mention that low
resolution..... :-(

And now, how will I ever finish my ph.d. ??



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1. DOOM, X, Linux, 320x200 video mode ??


The sound is great provided my linux box isn't under heavy load
from other processes running, etc. Then the sound goes PSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHH
PSSHHHHHH like the card is DMA-ing garbage. that's not a doom thing
though, methinks.


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